Why is #Wisdom crucial in your #Business and #Workplace

by Dan Strickland

Why is #Wisdom crucial in your #Business and #Workplace

by Dan Strickland

by Dan Strickland

As part of our series on #LifeBalance, we focus this week on Wisdom, and it’s impact on your Business and in the Workplace!  Let’s break this down-There are a few mistakes we’ve all made during our tenure.  Maybe we fixed them immediately, or maybe we just let things be.  The point is- we made a decision that we were accountable for, right?


In today’s busy world, we often take what we can, when we can get it!  That includes ADVICE.  The problem here lies within ourselves and judgement calls that we make.  What exactly are we taking?  What or who are we taking it from?  When it comes to Wisdom, there are a few ways that we can accept it and embrace…or neglect it and reject it!


Advice can be given by ANYONE!  Just take a look online, and you will see thousands of ads promising you the “American Dream” or “Never Work Again” schemes that are running on every ad platform known to  mankind, but it does’nt necessarily make it good or actionable advice!  In our Free Report we go in to extreme detail on what you should look for when seeking advice, and whom you should be receiving it from!


If we look in the wrong place, we often find misleadeing or simply false information!  If we are ignorant of the facts, we can take that information and we implement this into our Business and within the Workplace.  This is a DEADLY yet common mistake!  That type of information can truly degrade, dismantle, and desovle your entire business model!  It can lead to more costly mistakes if the actions aren’t corrected immediately!


In our Report, we teach you the importance of asking the right questions to the right people!  The person you are supposed to be seeking advice from, needs to be duley qualified to consult you on these imporatant business matters.  Read the Free Guide on choosing the right #Business Consultant and learn how to recover from those deadly mistakes!


In Case You Missed It ICYMI

Here’s today’s video where Dan talks about this very topic!




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