READ This! Starting a Business?  We can Help!

by Dan Strickland

READ This! Starting a Business?  We can Help!

by Dan Strickland

by Dan Strickland

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Wondered what it would be like to legitimately make your own schedule? Choose which client you have to serve, which customers problems you have to address- and did I mention make your own schedule?

This week's series will concentrate and celebrate Small Business! Whether you're just starting out or you've been around for a few years, it's important to understand, embrace and celebrate that you are a Small Business!

Here at STI solutions one of our chief focuses in our communities is building, educating and, empowering #Startups and Small Businesses around the Country. It's truly is an honor and a privilege to nourish the backbone of America
So you want to start a business? Thats great- we'll be able to help you every step of the way!

We are talking about financial freedom.
We're talking about debt freedom. Freedom from loans, were talking about paying cars off early, we're talking about paying houses off early we're, talking about paying your rent 12 months in advance! These are the advantages of Small Business, where you can take your passion you, can take your intent, you can take your dedication and truly make something of it!

"Can I really make money working for someone else?" Let's think about that for second. Would you actually pay one of your employees more than you? Would you pay more for your vendors than you do selling your product? Would you turn your entire business upside down just to make sure that everybody else was making more than what they thought they were worth?

If you want to be a business owner the answer should be no for all of the above, right? Thats not how a profitable business operates! Here, at STI Solutions, we meet at the intersection of Practice and Factory! Let's dig a little deeper.
There are organizations who actually run and operate the organization as a practice, right? This is where we find quality over quantity! Next, we have a more profitable and lucrative business model, that operates more like a Factory! You will have to decide, especially in the beginning, which is better for you!

Here at STI solutions we always train our new Business Owners and our new #Startups to run their new business as a Factory! We understand that the reason why you want to get into business is because you have a passion! That's fine, but when you have a passion and you're doing something about it you're making money we call that a hobby! It's a hard truth, but it's the truth!

However, if you actually have an idea, if you actually have a will and you have a way we will meet you halfway and teach you how to remain profitable by not compromising the passion and compassion you have for your specific industry!

Often times we always hear that a a Small Business will fail within the first 4 years! 51.4% to be exact?

A lot of this is caused by Business Owners buying loyalty, or what they think is loyalty, to their brand new customers! Maybe it was extra chips with the salsa, maybe it was extra chicken with the quesadilla, maybe it was two of the same product instead of one, maybe it was too many buyback offers from the customer who had a bad day?

Although these are good and practical techniques to retain your customers and retain your clients, we never recommend this in the first year or even the second year because you really haven't even established a client base.
There is a myriad of affordable, manageable and, practical loyalty solutions for your customers! STOP giving your product away and stop giving your money away!

The difference was that you were operating as a Practice and you weren't operating as a Factory! One of the very first important factors of being a business owner. One of the Chief Challenges of being a business owner is always remain profitable. We can help you do that!

In today's busy world and even busier economy you wouldn't believe how important it is for small business to stay alive in the United States. In fact, 54% of all sales recorded in the United States come from Small Businesses! This is a huge impact on the local economy, and it's an even bigger impact on a national scale! You can be a part of this!
The point of it all is to remember that Small Business is important, but how do we keep that Small Business running? How do we keep that Small Business alive? Tis where you need expert guidance and advice in the room!

As we celebrate small business week in 2017, we want you to focus on your true intention of starting a business! What is it that you want to get out of this business? What is it you hope to accomplish? Where do you hope to be after starting this business? No matter where you are in the process, we can HELP!

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