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When To Make the Next Move

Often times we wonder if the decision we make was the right one; and the subtle consequences it may have!  No matter what, decisions must be made for the good of your business!


Here’s a few things to consider when making a move to impact your business:


  1. How will this impact me personally, and professionally? 
  2. Consider an exit strategy for every move you make in your business! 
  3. Can Y0u Afford It? Rather, can you Afford not to?
  4. How soon can I expect ROI (Return on Investment) ?
  5. What guidance is needed to make the move?

In Overview, there are quite a few things to consider when deciding that your business needs a major jump or move!  Growth is often viewed as a result when hiring more people, retaining a consulting firm, or even buying the building next door.  However, you first want to make sure that Questions 1-5 are answered in a manner that is favorable to you, and what you are responsible for.


If you can’t truthfully answer any of the questions, take a step back from you business for 1 Weekend.  Go out and clear you head for a while.  Often times, I go camping or hiking, just to let nature and different cultures inspire me and channel me to my next big decision.  If you have an adviser or consultant, always consult them on whether or not your ready to make a jump in the growth cycle of your business!


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