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Survive and Thrive in Small Business- #Character under #Fire

Have you ever had a moment, where you felt that you and your business were being attacked? Have you ever felt like that no matter what you do, someone or something will turn and say that it is wrong, and try to destroy what you’ve built!

Folks this is #Character under #Fire !
No matter the industry you are in, there will be a point in time where your #Character will be under #Fire. What does this mean? This means that at some point in time, your business will be questioned.   Your methods will be questioned. Your practice will be questioned. Now that we know that this will happen what can we do about it?

I want you to think of a time where your business was failing or maybe, rather your business is failing now! Have you thought for one second that your Character was under Fire?
In today’s busy world, we often think that business is like what we see on the commercials! We often think getting into business, we are going to make so much money and be able to pay off all of our debts or have a very big restaurant or a very big storefront or the top floor of an office building and you as the owner, have the corner office!
What if I told you that could be very true, but you would first have to walk through the fire! Your character will be tested and in this blog entry you will learn how to overcome it!
Would you believe me if I told you that at some point in time in your business life cycle, a competitor will try to destroy you! Would you believe me if I told you that at some point in time in your business life cycle you will be tested as a #Business Owner!
Let me preface this with the disclaimer. A disclaimer that only recognizes this method for those that truly plan to be successful!  A method for those that truly are going to move to the next level in their business. This blog entry is not for everyone and it certainly is not for the faint hearted.
When your competitors are trying to sue you for product right infringement-when your competitors are trying to destroy you with media buys and media ads- when your customers are no longer loyal because your business is being attacked how do we overcome and remain profitable? (Click for Video)
These next three things will be vital to the survival of your business:


Consistency is an integral part of success! Being so, you must rely in your consistency to deliver your businesses through this #Fire. People are expecting you, as a Business Owner, to not only exercise poise and control, but to ultimately remain consistent in your practice!
The entire reason that people purchase your product or purchase your service is because of you we must remain consistent in our ideologies to proffer to foster to maintain a profitable environment
In the business world composure could not be any higher on the list of integral parts of your business process and management no one wants to deal with a madman nobody wants to deal with a crazy person especially at the helm of your business they want to deal with somebody that is mature and knowledgeable who can maintain their composure the idea behind us is to never let your customers or clients know that your business is going through the fire or going through a rough time. Composure is key to maintaining your business and your profits during this season.


In previous blogs and broadcast, we often talk about counsel and its importance! Having Counsel or a group of advisers can often lead to better decision making and better visionary approaches to your problems during this season of #Fire.

Often times we talk about #Wisdom in the #Fire, a previous blog and broadcast that focused solely on those who can help you in your business.  Your support line, your support staff the people who were there in the very beginning. Although we must be careful of whom we welcome or appoint into our circle of trusted advisors or a group of trusted advisors , we also must rely on them. (Check out that post Here).  As Business Owner’s we often get emotional and caught up in the bliss of the problems that we are currently going through, that #Character under #Fire. Having Counsel readily available for us, can be an immense opportunity for them to release the blinders of our goals and enable us to see the full picture of what is before us. If you want to survive- if your #Character is to survive under #Fire- under the lawsuit -under the attacks -under the slander than I cannot advise enough the importance of good counsel at your side. (Video Here)

We are confident, here at STI solutions that if you are to follow, maintain, keep, and promote these three key factors; you will survive. No one said it was going to be easy. No one said you won’t experience hardship! But I say, that you can weather the storm, and invest in these 3 key principles!
What I will proffer to you, you as a business owner as, you as someone who wants to be successful, you as as someone who will be successful, you as someone who is profit worthy and goal oriented, I will proffer to you that this system works. These ideologies work heed those words carefully and carry-on with the mission of the day!
Until next time my friends,

Dan Strickland, MP, CBC

Managing Partner

STI Solutions

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